What should you be thinking about?

  • Deciding on your website objectives – vis a vis your company and customers’ objectives
  • Getting input from all your stakeholders on what the requirements should be
  • Understanding what your competitors are currently doing
  • Understanding your target audience and how they will or should interact with your new site or application
  • Translating the requirements into a briefing document for a web designer or developer
  • Ensuring your brand messaging is consistent
  • Creating or reviewing all your site content
  • Sourcing the best designer and/or developer that will be able to meet your requirements, in your time frame and to your budgets
  • Understanding what search terms you should be targetting for your new site
  • Ensuring your new site is optimised for these terms
  • Liaising with your designer/developer on a week by week or day by day basis to answer questions and ensure that your site or application gets built to your specification
  • Testing your new site or application prior to launch
  • Going live!

Not all projects will require time spent on each of the above, but even smaller projects should at least have all these areas considered and thought about.

The importance of planning!

Your new site or application needs to meet your business objectives as well as your customers’. Are you spending quality time in planning and ensuring that all the elements are working seamlessly together?

No? Then this is where we can help!

It is all too easy (and tempting!) to jump straight into a new project with a ‘we’ll fix it later’ approach. And this may be necessary when time is tight. But putting quality time aside for planning and careful project management, can make sure that costly errors are avoided in the process!

How can Are You Ranking help?

We have done it all before! We have experience in all the areas listed above and can provide you with website project management services or even act as your outsourced web project manager, whatever may be best to suit your business set-up and needs.

We would love you to get in touch so we may be able to explore how we can help you and take away the stress of making your project happen!

How our website project management services work

We will talk to you about your business structure, your business requirements and any existing resource that you may have. Together we will agree the scope of where you need website project management help and support, and will assign you your own web project manager for the duration of the project.

Based on the scope of your requirements and your budgets, we will agree how best to approach the project and set timescales, deliverables and projected costs.

If you do not need our end to end solution, then you may be interested in other services that we provide – for example SEO consultancy, Website auditing, Research and Analysis or RFP preparation and vendor selection.

Whatever your needs, contact us and we can decide together how best to approach getting your project done!