Or have you been affected by recent Google algorithm changes and need to find out what you can do about it?

An SEO health check or audit can uncover a range of areas where your site may be under-performing or not taking advantage of the opportunities available. SEO reviews can also be targeted to any particular needs or issues that you may have.

What’s covered in an SEO audit?

It really depends on where the issues are, and how we deep we go, but in general:

  • Indexing and ranking with the search engines – how visible are you? Could you be ranked higher? Can you be found locally?
  • Current SEO effectiveness of your site – title tags, meta data, content, site architecture etc
  • What might be holding you back from ranking well?
  • Benchmarking to your competitors
  • Linking performance for you and your competitors
  • Your website analytics (Google Analytics) – what is the data telling you about your SEO opportunities
  • General elements of site performance

If any of the above sounds confusing, just give us a call and we can explain what is covered.

When should an SEO review be done?

SEO reviews can be undertaken at any time, and whenever you feel you should be doing better. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have clarity on what your current SEO status is?
  • Can you make informed decisions about your website?
  • Do you have peace of mind that your website is achieving its full potential?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you could probably benefit from an audit!

SEO audits are also particularly effective if you are about to go through a site redesign process. SEO is often overlooked during a site redesign and this can result in significant loss of traffic, and therefore revenue, generated from the search engines.

Why should I have an SEO audit done prior to a site redesign?

You can make sure that you do not lose traffic from search terms that are ranking well for your current site – get it wrong and it can be like a tap turning off!

You can understand where your current site may be under performing in SEO terms, and fix these areas in your new design

You can ensure that your new website is designed and structured with your priority keywords in mind from the outset. Engaging with SEO at the beginning of a site redesign process, is much easier and cheaper than retrospectively fitting when you realise you are not ranking well!

My web developer says my site is “SEO friendly”

Yes, this may very well be the case, but building an “SEO friendly” site does not necessarily mean you will be able to rank for your chosen terms, or even know what these terms should be (see my SEO Friendly blog post on this subject!)

Building a new website or updating and old site? Stop and talk to us before you do!

SEO audits start from as low as $295 for a 10-point SEO health check.

Audit prices are dependent on the size of your site and the level of detail to be addressed. Your audit will be customised to your particular needs and objectives.

If you want an audit to cover more than just SEO, you could consider a wider review – see information on our website review services.