You only pay when someone clicks on your advert and is taken across to your website.

With a PPC campaign, you are able to chose the search terms that you bid on and you can therefore be as specific or as wide reaching as you like.

PPC campaigns also help you appear on page 1 for a search term, for which you would otherwise be invisible! This can be very useful if your site is new, or your SEO is not working well for you. As such they can be a wondrous source of website visitors, but care needs to be taken that you get return for your investment!

Flexibility in the PPC services we offer:

Depending on whether you want to manage your campaigns yourself or whether you prefer to outsource we can:

  • train you on how to set up your own campaign in the best possible way, and what to consider as you manage it moving forward
  • review your existing campaigns to see how you may be able to improve them and drive more ROI
  • research, set up and manage your PPC campaigns for you

So whether you are time strapped and are looking for a fully outsourced solution, or cash strapped and don’t have the budgets to outsource, or you simply want to find someone you can trust to do the work, you can rest easy that Sesame Internet Marketing can and will provide the level of PPC services that you may need or want. Got questions? Please get in touch so we can discuss the best approach for your needs.

Case Study

Thomson Reuters On Demand (“TROD”) – PPC Marketing Campaign Management Thomson Reuters on Demand, a sub division of Thomson Reuters, was looking to outsource management of it’s Google adwords campaign as it felt it was missing out on opportunities. After 5 months or working with us, the campaign was 170% more effective at driving visitors through to the website, with no increase in monthly budget

Find out more about how we helped Thomson Reuters on Demand

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