Are you leaving money on the table?

When you run a busy business, whether large or small, there is so much to think about and so much to do!

  • It is all too easy for your new website to be launched to great fanfare but then to be left to its own devices.
  • You may be swamped in lots of wonderful data and information, but have no idea as to what to do with it or what it all means! Have you asked your customers recently what they think?
  • Are you getting less than your fair share of visitors from the search engines?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you make sense of all the information? Or highlighted to you where you could fix issues and drive more revenue for your business?

We specialise in providing support and services in all areas of evaluation.

SEO website health checks

Health checks are high level review of your site that provide you with 10 priority recommendations for improvements to your site in the areas of SEO and usability. Find out more about our website health checks here.

SEO audits and reviews

Uncover where your site may be under-performing in terms of SEO.

Or prepare yourself for a site redesign – make sure you keep all those visitors that are already finding you through Google, but fix the stuff that is not working so well!

Ultimately make sure you understand what is happening and you can take advantage of all the opportunities available. Fine out more about our SEO audits and reviews.

Website audits and reviews

If you have a specific issue or issues that you would like to address then we can help out. Website reviews often cover and build on elements identified by an SEO audit, or can be specifically focussed on a particular need you have, such as not getting enough sales through your site. We will dig in deep and uncover what maybe going on! Find out more about our Website audits and reviews.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool and can provide a huge amount of valuable information. However it’s all very well having Google Analytics installed, but if you don’t understand what is going on or what the pretty pictures mean then, well, it’s less than useless!

We can help you make sense of what your web analytics is telling you and how you can start making good marketing decisions based on fact!

Data Analysis

Data analysis projects – make sense of all that data you have been collecting, gain insights and drive decision making.

Usability and Conversion analysis

Ensure your site is easy to do business with and discover how the usability of your site could be improved to encourage visitors to do what you want them to do, and to keep coming back – ie generate you more revenue!

  • Expert reviews based on key scenarios and activities on your site
  • Usability testing – working with real people to find out what your target customers think about your site and how it could be improved Conversion analysis – get more sales!
  • Scenario planning – how do you make it as easy as possible for your visitors to do what you and they want them to do
    • Competitor research and benchmarking – what makes you different, why buy through you?
    • Mystery shopping – testing your own service or that of your competitors
    • Online customer surveys
    • Shopping cart / booking engine evaluation – how can your processes be improved to gain more sales?

Please get in touch if you would like help in making sense out of your situation!